Just as you would continue any regular activity during pregnancy, massage is an activity you should continue for it's extensive health benefits to both mother-to-be and baby!  The primary benefit of a prenatal massage is to increase circulation and  boost the lymphatic system. These benefits encourage the body's natural ability to reduce swelling and improve hormone transport throughout the body, supporting a healthier pregnancy and a more pleasant labor experience.  Also, when mother-to-be has less stress and tension, cortisol levels are reduced, while dopamine and seratonin levels increased.  Therapeutic Massage will also help sore and tired muscles, especially those muscles and nerves affected by pressure from the growing uterus.  Although the low back and legs tend to be the focal point in most prenatal massages, this service is still custom tailored to fit the wishes of Mom! 

Our therapists are trained in pregnancy massage and aware of all necessary precautions to ensure a safe massage in any stage of pregnancy. Prenatal Massage is typically performed with a pregnancy pillow so the mother-to-be can lie comfortably in a prone (face down) position with minimal pressure on the uterus.  However, if the mother chooses to have a more traditional style of prenatal massage, our therapists are also trained in administering a side lying massage. 

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Anahata Massage & Wellness Center provides Therapeutic Massage services  in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Our services include Swedish, Deep Tissue , Hot Stone , Couples and Prenatal Massage. Lymph Drainage, Cranio-Sacral, and Crystal Therapies are available as well as Raindrop (Essential Oils) and Reiki treatments.

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Prenatal Massage | Cedar Rapids, IA