Massage Therapist | Cedar Rapids, IA

Anahata Massage & Wellness Center provides Therapeutic Massage services  in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Our services include Swedish, Deep Tissue , Hot Stone , Couples and Prenatal Massage. Lymph Drainage, Cranio-Sacral, and Crystal Therapies are available as well as Raindrop (Essential Oils) and Reiki treatments.


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The primary benefit of a Hot Stone therapeutic massage is deeper penetration of muscle tissue while applying a lighter pressure.  For some, this type of massage is sheer bliss and find it a necessity for relief of tired and sore muscles.  Whatever your reason, hot stones allow the therapist to work muscles more deeply with less time.  After the heat in the stones has "melted" the muscle tissue, the therapist may continue to massage with the stones or use more traditional massage techniques to complete the body work.  During Hot Stone massage our therapists continuously monitor the temperature of the stones and pressure to ensure a pleasant experience.

Hot Stone Massage